Discussion meetings, workshops, lectures

February 2010    Greenhouse gases in the Earth system: setting the agenda to 2030. This is the topic of a forthcoming two-day Discussion Meeting being held at the Royal Society

June 2009       Energy materials to combat climate change; brought together experts in the field of fuel cells, hydrogen storage, batteries, supercapacitors, solar energy and nuclear power. They reviewed the state of knowledge, the key scientific challenges, and set the priorities and agenda for research in materials for energy technologies in the coming decade.

November 2008         Towards a low carbon future. Discussion meeting reviewing the current and potential technological options for a low carbon future and considering how they can contribute to an integrated energy strategy. The key conclusion was that there was no single best solution in moving towards a low carbon future: an integrated approach using all available technologies is required.

November 2007         Carbon Capture and storage workshop, hosted jointly with the Royal Academy of Engineering and the IEA Coal Industry Advisory Board, to examine the future prospects for carbon dioxide capture and storage, and progress with its demonstration as a key climate change mitigation technology.

June 2007       Biodiversity – Climate Interactions. A workshop held in conjunction with DEFRA, DfID, JNCC, Kew, the Met Office and NERC to investigate the linkages between biodiversity, climate change and human livelihoods, and the potential role for biodiversity management in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

March 2007   Showcasing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) working group 1 report: The Science of Climate Change. Discussion meeting highlighting the main findings of the report, particularly those areas likely to be of specific interest to the scientific and policy community. Emphasis on the advances in our understanding of the science and causes of climate change since the Third Assessment Report in 2001, and identifying new research priorities and knowledge gaps.

April 2006       Energy…for the future. Discussion meeting about supplying energy for the inhabitants of Earth, sufficient to meet everyone’s needs, without causing serious, irreversible damage to the environment, in the face of the global challenges of climate change, providing a secure and reliable supply of energy and the depletion of oil.

April 2005       Food crops in a changing climate. This meeting considered how to forecast the impacts of climate variability and change on food crops, including the climatic aspects of food security in Africa.  Climate change and Africa were both priorities for the UK's Presidency of the G8.

February 2003            Abrupt climate change: evidence, mechanisms and implications. This meeting reviewed what scientists know about abrupt climate change, and identified areas of ignorance or uncertainty, in order to determine future research priorities.

December 2001          Climate Change - What we know and what we need to know. The meeting focused on the latest advances in our understanding of the science of climate change and its potential economic, social and environmental impacts; recent technological developments and possible national and international responses to climate change.