Joint statements with other science academies

December 2009    Inter-Academy Panel statement on Tropical Forests and Climate Change. The Inter-Academy Panel on International Issues (IAP) issued a statement signed by fifty four of the world’s science academies emphasising the importance of deforestation as a driver of climate change. The statement calls for the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) mechanism to be an integral part of any global climate change framework and highlights the importance of finance for research, cooperation and developing country mitigation and adaptation efforts.

June 2009       G8+5 science Academies’ statement: Climate change and the transformation of energy technologies for a low carbon future. Technological developments will aid both mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. This statement calls for more collaboration and investment in these technologies.

June 2009        Inter-Academy Panel statement on Ocean Acidification. The oceans have absorbed about a quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere by human activities since the industrial revolution and are now more acidic than they have been for 800,000 years.The  IAP issued a statement signed by 100 of the world's leading science academies calling for ocean acidification to be placed on the agenda for the UNFCCC talks.

June 2008      G8+5 science Academies’ statement: Climate change adaptation and the transition to a low carbon society. Adaptation is necessary if the worst impacts of climate change, now and in the future, were to be alleviated. Mitigation and adaptation could complement each other and reduce the risks of climate change impacts.

May 2007        G8+5 Academies’ statement on sustainability, energy efficiency and climate protection. Called on world leaders to cooperate in identifying common strategic objectives for sustainable, efficient and climate friendly energy systems, and in implementing actions toward them.

June 2005       Joint science Academies’ statement: Global response to climate change.A statement by the national science academies of the G8 nations, plus Brazil, China and India, ahead of the Gleneagles G8 Summit. The statement stressed that the scientific understanding of climate change was now sufficiently clear to justify nations taking prompt action.

May 2001        The science of climate change – a two-page statement by sixteen national academies of science. Called for prompt action to be taken to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and recognised the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol as a small but essential first step towards stabilising atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases.