Harry Bhadeshia

If you pass between the UK and France in the Channel Tunnel, your carriage is riding on rails made of a particular kind of steel that Harry Bhadeshia invented. He has also developed the world’s strongest armour – called ‘super bainite’ – in part through the discovery of a steel that seemed to sing! He has done all of this and more by applying physics and mathematics to predict what shapes the crystals in metals will take under certain conditions, and with certain elements added or taken away. He arrived in London in 1970 (his Indian parents had been forced to leave their home in Kenya by political changes) as a young teenager and has worked his way up from technician, through part-time study, to become the University of Cambridge’s Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy.

You can listen to Harry Bhadeshia's full audio interview on the British Library Sounds website.

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