People and the planet

People and the planetEffect of population and consumption trends on CO2 emissions

The interactive chart below shows scenarios for levels of global carbon dioxide emissions from 2010 to 2050 based on work by Professor Tim Jackson (in press), published in People and the Planet.

The scenarios are based on different population, income and carbon variables:

  • Population: Follows the low, medium or high variants to United Nations models. 
  • Income: Converges to $20k per capita or $50k per capita or moves according to historical trend. 
  • Carbon: Declines to 20g/$2005PPP or 40g/$2005PPP or moves according to historical trend. 

Download background information from the report (PDF) or the data on which these charts are based (CSV).

People and the planet

Final report and carbon scenarios data
published April 2012

Evidence gathering
closed February 2011

Project details, Terms of reference and Working Group
announced in July 2010

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Select scenarios from the box and click 'display selected scenarios' to show them on the graph. Use the 'Ctrl' key ('Cmd' on a Mac) to select more than one scenario.

To see the legend, hover over a line on the chart with your mouse.