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By Professor Andre Geim
University of Manchester

Materials Science is one of the hottest research topics in the 21st century and one in which new discoveries are being made. Some of them are truly amazing. This is certainly the case for Andre Geim and his Russian collaborators.

Professor Geim is as a pioneer in the field of material science for his "gecko tape" which allows a person to hang upside down with one hand and climb vertically up glass and walls. Geims educational experiments on diamagnetic levitation have been publicised by the media all over the world and his work has also inspired the development of a completely new research area: earth-bound low-gravity experiments. To showcase the success of UK/Russia scientific collaborations, Professor Geim will take the audience through a fascinating journey into the world of materials science and reveal the secrets behind his extraordinary discoveries.

This event forms part of the 'UK*Russia, celebrating scientific collaboration' event.