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Croonian Prize Lecture
By Professor Iain Campbell FRS, University of Oxford

Although the life we see around us is very diverse, it is remarkably similar at the level of molecules. A major goal in life sciences is to understand the structure and dynamics of molecular machines in a cell, the smallest unit of life. To do this, we need to have sophisticated tools to 'see' molecules on a nanometre scale, much smaller than is possible with the naked eye.
Iain Campbell FRS is Professor of Structural Biology at the University of Oxford . In this lecture he will discuss methods of studying the structure of molecules and cells and how they have advanced in the 350 years since early microscopes gave the first glimpse of single cells. He will show how modern methods are giving us unprecedented views of the wonderful, complex world of the living cell.
The Croonian Prize Lecture is the Royal Society's premier lecture in the biological sciences
Professor Campbell repeated his lecture at the University of Manchester on Wednesday 11 October 2006.