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This interactive talk seeks to answer such questions as how cars will work in the future and if extreme weather will wreak havoc on our world. Do we have a future of hurricanes and tornados to look forward to? How can you use advances in science and engineering to combat these problems?

The show will look at ways in which physics and engineering are helping us to understand the impact that human life has had on the planet. It will involve the use of exciting demonstrations, and invites the audience to decide the content of the lecture through an interactive choose-your-own-lecture format.

Dr Karen Bultitude received her doctorate in laser physics from the University of Oxford. She has appeared on BBC Learning Zone and Scrappy Races, presented the Institute of Electrical Engineers Faraday Lecture, and works at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Dr Laura Grant is one of the first graduates with a doctorate in Science Communication in the UK. She has presented for the BBC and 4Learning and held a Physics Communicator Fellowship from the Institute of Physics.