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Organised by Dr Ned Garnett, Professor Charles Godfray FRS and Professor Robert Gurney

The environmental sciences are being revolutionised by a new way of working facilitated by advances in the computer and information sciences: "eScience".

The aims of the meeting are to:

  • Highlight how the computing and information science revolution of recent years is changing the way that environmental research is undertaken
  • Bring together scientists and their user communities do demonstrate how eScience can facilitate truly interdisciplinary and translational research
  • Summarise the achievements of the first generation of environmental eScience projects funded by the NERC eScience programme

The afternoon of the first day had an extended poster and demonstration session which will show how some the tools and techniques that have been developed are currently being used along with new ideas for the future.

This meeting is being sponsored by the Natural Environment Research Council.

The evening reception is being sponsored by Microsoft.