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By Dr Nick Goldman and Professor Ziheng Yang FRS

The rapid growth of genetic sequence data has provided much-needed power for resolving controversial species relationships and studying the evolutionary process, but has also posed many statistical and computational challenges to the field. This meeting will bring together scientists with a diverse range of backgrounds, and in particular researchers actively developing statistical methods and computational algorithms used in modern phylogenetics software.

Statistical and computational challenges facing the field will be discussed in the meeting, for example, efficient tree search algorithms under likelihood, Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms for Bayesian phylogenetics, estimation of species divergence dates by incorporating uncertainties in the fossil record and statistical tests of phylogenies.

Invited speakers: Dr Nicolas Galtier, Professor Olivier Gascuel, Dr Mark Holder, Professor John Huelsenbeck, Dr Ari Loytynoja, Professor Rasmus Nielsen, Professor Mark Pagel, Dr Tal Pupko, Professor Bruce Rannala, Professor Allen Rodrigo, Dr Alexandros Stamatakis, Dr Marc Suchard, Professor Jeff Thorne, Professor Arndt von Haeseler, Dr Simon Whelan and Professor Ziheng Yang FRS.