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Susanna Edwards, Visiting Research Fellow, London Metropolitan University

Curious is a research project involving a residency at the Science Museum, London. Following the discovery of a collection of microscopic slides, Susanna Edwards developed Curious to use the theme of microscopy as a vehicle to open up a wider debate on the effect of new technologies on craft, art and science.

The slide collection used was found in a charity shop, probably gathered by an amateur collector, and dates back to the mid-19th century, covering much of the natural world in its subject matter. The collection consists of different collections, some made purely for aesthetic reasons and some for scientific and educational purposes.

Each slide has since been digitally photographed by Edwards through microscopes from the late-18th century to the present day. The images form a narrative journey, documenting and utilising each stage of microscopy development. The images have not been digitally manipulated in any way and remain true to how the eye sees through each microscope.

The project will culminate in an exhibition, publication, conference paper and workshops/talks, supported by Arts Council funding and the Science Museum at the Huntarian Museum London in 2010.

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