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By Professor Brian Spratt FRS, Dr Jason Chin, Professor Michael Elowitz, Professor Richard Kitney and Professor Paul Freemont

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Synthetic biology has been described as the design and construction of novel artificial biological pathways, organisms or devices, or the redesign of existing natural biological systems.

It has developed from the convergence of other disciplines such as systems biology, genetic engineering, engineering, information theory, physics, nanotechnologies and computer modelling.

This meeting will discuss advances and applications of this exciting technology.

Invited speakers: Dr Jason Chin, Professor Martin Fussenegger, Dr John Glass, Professor Phil Holliger, Dr Farren Isaacs, Dr Mark Isalan, Professor Jay Keasling, Professor Alex Ninfa, Professor Steve Oliver, Dr Georg Seelig, Professor Pamela Silver, Dr Danielle Tullman-Ercek, Professor Hans Westerhoff and Dr Linchong You