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Energy materials to combat climate change









The Royal Society, London, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG


Organised by Professor Richard Catlow FRS, Professor Peter Bruce FRS and Professor Peter Edwards FRS

New technologies for energy conversion and storage are essential to address climate change. Such technologies require a fundamental advance in the science of energy materials. The discussion will bring together world-renowned experts in the field of fuel cells, hydrogen storage, batteries, supercapacitors, solar energy and nuclear power. They will review the state of knowledge, establish the key scientific challenges, tension these against each other and set the priorities and agenda for research in materials for energy technologies in the coming decade.

The proceedings of this meeting have now been published in a dedicated issue of Philosophical Transactions A.

The audio recordings of the meeting are available below.

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Schedule of talks

Session 1

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How to exploit size effects for electrochemical devices?

Professor Joachim Maier

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Key challenges in future Li-battery research

Professor Jean-Marie Tarascon ForMemRS, College de Paris, France

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New perspectives in thin film solar cells

Professor Laurie Peter, University of Bath, UK

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Power from the sun by mesoscopic solar cells

Professor Michael Graetzel

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Session 2

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Atomic-scale insight into materials for fuel cells and lithium batteries

Session 2 Discussion

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Catalyst supports for polymer electrolyte fuel cells

Professor Frank DiSalvo

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Materials challenges for solid oxide fuel cells

Professor John Kilner

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Session 3

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Ceria: Teaching an old material new tricks for energy conversion and CO2 mitigation?

Professor Sossina M Haile, Northwestern University, USA

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Fusion power: A challenge for material science

Professor Dorothy Duffy

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Hydrogen storage materials

Professor Andreas Zuttel, EMPA, Switzerland

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The point of simulating nuclear materials

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Session 4

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Charge storage mechanism in nanoporous carbons and its consequence for electrical double layer capacitors

Professor Patrice Simon

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Materials toward carbon-, emission- , oil-free mobility; hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, now and future

Mr Katsuhiko Hirose

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Stimulating investment in energy materials and technologies to combat climate change

Professor Timothy Foxon

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Energy materials to combat climate change The Royal Society, London 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG UK
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