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During the Summer Science Exhibition, the Royal Society Library is hosting an artist. Inspired by the vast numbers of drawings, diagrams and illustrations scattered throughout our print and manuscript collections, Leah Newman will be creating original artwork recording the exhibits, exhibitors and visitors throughout the week.

Leah is a Canadian artist currently studying at the Camberwell College of Arts in London (MA). Prior to the MA she studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Canada (BFA) and the New York Studio Program, USA.

Predominantly through drawing, her work is often informed by and in response to environment, language and personal narrative. Using materials in a nuanced way and working out ideas in a minimal manner, Leah draws in order to investigate and give material presence to space and place. Through her commitment to materials, mark making and surface detail, drawing is the way in which she acts out a desire to understand the self in place. She is interested in geography, both cultural and physical. Exploring the self through real and imagined places, she uses drawing to define boundaries and then again to move beyond them. Pencil, thread, charcoal and paper are her tools of navigation and exploration.

Leah has exhibited her work in Canada, England and the United States.

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