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From Sunday 8 November to Wednesday 11 November 2009, 75 of the best and brightest early-career scientists from the UK, China and the Netherlands met for a Frontiers of Science symposium in the Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) area in the north-west of Beijing, to discuss the latest advances in research in their disciplines and others, and to highlight the big questions at the frontiers of their field. On the agenda were topics as diverse as the cognitive neuroscience of bilingualism; the fundamental limits of computing power as defined by Moore’s Law; the role of stem cells in cancer development; and the role of uncertainty in science. This report summarises some of the key issues and findings that resulted from the symposium. It is not necessarily an expression of the views of the Royal Society.

Download the event summary (PDF).

Frontiers of Science is a series of prestigious international meetings for outstanding early career scientists, organised by the Royal Society in conjunction with national academies and scientific organisations around the world.