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The Labs to Riches 2012 event was held on 6 December 2012.

The event celebrates the Royal Society's support for innovation in science and technology. The highlight of the event is the formal presentation of the Brian Mercer Award for Innovation and the Brian Mercer Feasibility Awards.

Profiles of all the winners in 2012 are included in the event brochure (PDF).

Innovation exhibition

At the event a selection of current Industry Fellows, a selection of companies currently supported by the Enterprise Fund and last year's Brian Mercer Award for Innovation winner present posters of their work. These are available for download below.

Please note that these posters are in PDF format and were originally designed to be printed at A1 size.

Enterprise Fund posters: Sphere Fluidics (PDF), OrganOx (PDF) and Base4 (PDF).

Alexander Heifetz

Dr Alexander Heifetz

Developing methods for in-silico modelling of G-Protein Coupled Receptors

Industry Fellow 2011-2015 

Andy King

Dr Andy King

Binary Differencing

Industry Fellow 2008 – 2012

Graeme Hansford

Dr Graeme Hansford

X-Ray Diffraction Without Sample Preparation

Paul Instrument Fund Award Holder, 2011 – 2013

Jason Davis

Dr Jason Davis

The Ultrasensitive & Optimised Electroanalytical Detection of Biomarkers

Brian Mercer Feasibility Award

Jonathon Lloyd

Professor Jonathan R Lloyd

The microbiology of radioactive environments

Industry Fellow 2010 – 2014

Peter Demian

Dr Peter Demian

3DIR: Three-Dimensional Information Retrieval

Brian Mercer Feasibility Award

Tim Leighton

Professor Tim Leighton

‘StarStream’ technology – Changing the way water cleans

Brian Mercer Award for Innovation, 2011 – 13

Vin Walsh

Professor Vincent Walsh

Developing Human Brain Stimulation: New Treatments, New Products

Industry Fellow, 2012 – 2016