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The University of Nairobi (UoN), Network of African Science Academies (NASAC), and the African Institute For Development Policy (AFIDEP) in conjunction with the Royal Society, UK, invite you to a December 2012 Public Lecture:

Event details:

Sir John Sulston FRS, Chair of the Royal Society People and the planet report

Public lecture

The People and the planet report is the result of a 21 month study by an international working group of 23 experts. The report looks at the links between global population, consumption and the environment, and the implications for sustainable development.

The impact of the growing human population, and the growing consumption of resources by the richer countries, is bringing us to the limits of what the earth can sustain. It is already not feasible for all of earth's present inhabitants to consume material resources at the rate current in the most developed countries. If we do nothing the discrepancy will increase as population increases from 7 billion at present to 10 billion or more this century. Furthermore, our descendants ought to have opportunities at least as great as those we ourselves enjoy, but if we continue in our current style they will not.

Earlier this year at Rio+20, it was agreed that a set of international ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ would be developed. This process is happening at the same time as the review of the current Millennium Development Goals. How will the needs of developing countries, as well as the needs of the planet, come together in a post-2015 framework?

Choices made now - ethical, legal, social, and scientific - will determine the future of humanity. Shall we choose to flourish, or merely survive?

Attending this event

This event is free to attend. Please RSVP to