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Future humans: Controlling brains from the outside


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19:00 - 20:00




Public lecture by Professor Vincent Walsh as part of the Manchester Science Festival

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We now have the ability to stimulate the human brain either directly with implanted electrodes, by drugs that can increase mental performance and by electrical and magnetic stimulation through the scalp. We can also see the brain in action using magnetic resonance imaging. There is a lot of hype about these things but also a lot of real intention to use them in medical, psychological and military frameworks. Professor Vincent Walsh explains some of these methods and their potential. Once we have established what they can do and what they could do in the future, the next question is, what should we do?

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This event is free to attend and open to all. No tickets are required and seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. For further information on the venue, please visit the website. This event is part of the Manchester Science Festival.

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Future humans: Controlling brains from the outside other