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Theo Murphy international scientific meeting organised by Dr Jonathan Keeling, Professor Steven Girvin, Dr Michael Hartmann and Professor Peter Littlewood FRS.

Event details

Arrays of coupled cavities, coupled to quantum emitters, may be used to engineer strongly correlated phases of mixed light-matter excitations.  These systems allow strongly correlated phases from condensed matter to be explored in the context of optical systems, providing new opportunities to understand strongly correlated quantum systems, and necessarily provoking questions of how such phases look out of equilibrium.

Poster session

A poster session will be held throughout this meeting alongside the schedule of presentations and discussion.

List of speakers and chairs

Professor Jacqueline Bloch, Dr Iacopo Carusotto, Professor Andrew Cleland, Professor Hui Deng, Professor Tilman Esslinger, Professor Rosario Fazio, Professor Ed Hinds, Professor Andrew Houck, Professor Ataç İmamoğlu, Professor Jens Koch, Professor Mikhail Lukin, Professor Martin Plenio, Professor Arno Rauschenbeutel, Professor Timothy Spiller, Dr Jacob Taylor, Professor Hakan Tureci, Professor Andreas Wallraff.

Programme available here 

Attending this event

This is a residential conference which allows for increased discussion and networking. It is free to attend, however participants need to cover their accommodation and catering costs if required.

Places are limited and therefore pre-registration is essential. Please either:

Register with accommodation and full catering (accommodation now fully booked)

Register without accommodation (lunch and dinner are optional)

Enquiries: Contact the events team