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Tails of the unexpected


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18:30 - 20:00


The Royal Society, London, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG


Panel discussion with Professor Geoffrey Boxshall FRS, Professor Charles Godfray CBE FRS and Dr Samuel Turvey, chaired by Professor Peter Holland FRS as part of the 2013 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

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It has been estimated that 99% of all species that ever existed are now extinct. Of the creatures that are still with us today, there are a number that are dangerously close to extinction, but new species are being discovered at a surprisingly high rate. As we continue to explore the plethora of life on earth in more detail, our panel of experts reveal the fascinating features of those rare animals that we are in danger of losing and discuss the special features and adaptations that enabled certain creatures to survive through treacherous periods.

Professor Geoffrey Boxshall FRS is Deputy Chief Scientific Officer at the Natural History Museum and Visiting Professor at Queen Mary University, London.

Professor Charles Godfray CBE FRS is Hope Professor in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford and President of the British Ecological Society.

Dr Samuel Turvey is a Royal Society University Research Fellow based at the Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London.

Professor Peter Holland FRS is the Linacre Professor of Zoology and Head of the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford.

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Tails of the unexpected The Royal Society, London 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG UK