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Comedic lecture with Simon Watt as part of the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2014.

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Simon Watt thinks frogs are among the most fascinating and freaky species on our planet. There are frogs that are among the most lethally poisonous animal on earth, frogs that break their bones and pierce their flesh to act as knives, frogs that soar through the skies and even frogs that can survive freezing.

Frogs are useful too and studying them has led to some surprising benefits for us. Research into their biology has helped create the first pregnancy tests, cloning technology, psychedelic drugs, potential cures for cancer, magnetic levitation and a new wave of antibiotics.

Frogs might be brilliant but, sadly, they are dying out.  In this comedic lecture Simon Watt explored why frogs are better than most people he knows and how studying them has changed the world.

This event is suitable for adults only.

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