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EASAC and the Royal Society breakfast discussion

Please note: This event is intended for people with a professional interest only

Societies are not prepared for extreme weather. As climate change affects our weather patterns, we may experience more extreme weather events in future. Action must be taken now to reduce the impact on people’s lives. Both mitigation of climate change and adaptation are vital.

2015 offers a unique opportunity to align international agreements on disaster risk reduction, sustainable development and climate change to address extreme weather and its impacts. The European Union can influence this by facilitating joined up activity across Europe, as well as action on the international stage.

This discussion will bring members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and policy organisations together with researchers to find out how extreme weather patterns are likely to change, the impact this will have on people, and explore how to reduce people’s exposure and vulnerability. This will be an opportunity to hear about activity underway already in Europe and discuss how the European Parliament can play a role in promoting action to improve lives now and in the future.

For further information and if you are interested in attending, please contact Becky Purvis, Head of Public Affairs at the Royal Society on +44 (0) 20 7451 2261 or