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Machine learning lies behind technology and services we use every day and is set to impact the world at scale, but what exactly is it?


Machine learning is a hidden power behind many services we use each day, and is set to transform many others, but what exactly is it?

When online streaming services recommend your next movie, a search engine predicts your next query, or a virtual assistant learns to understand your voice, it is thanks to machine learning algorithms.  

In future, machine learning could improve transport, security, healthcare and revolutionise industry. But despite its reach, this powerful technology remains mysterious to most.

Our panel of speakers, chaired by Marcus du Sautoy, discussed what we mean by machine learning and discovered some of the exciting current and future uses of this technology. We had presentations from the Head of Microsoft Research Chris Bishop, robotics researcher Sabine Hauert and machine vision researcher Maja Pantic.  

Visitors were also be able to take part in an interactive exhibition where machine learning developers and researchers showcased examples of the technology in action.

This event was livestreamed on this page. Questions were tweeted to @royalsociety using #rsmachinelearning during the panel discussion to join the conversation.

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