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Manchester European City of Science Festival 2016



70 Oxford Street, Manchester


The Manchester Museum

Join us in Manchester at the 2016 European City of Science festival for talks and discussions on astrophysics, psychology, climate science, neuroscience, machine learning and more.

All events shown here are free, but please register using the 'Book tickets' links below each event.

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Adventures in the anthropocene 

Join Gaia Vince for an adventure into the planet we made, as she talks about her award-winning book Adventures in the Anthropocene.

Book tickets for Monday 25 July

Gaia Vince Greenwich
Mental health

Genes to beans: polyploidy on a plate 

Professor Katherine Willis, Director of Science at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, talks about the complex genetics of our fruit and veg.

Book tickets for Tuesday 26 July

The next big thing 

Dr Emily Grossman talks to three researchers whose stars are on the rise including Royal Society research fellows epidemiologist Dr Lucy Weinert and lunar astronomer Dr Katherine Joy and engineer Dr Nike Folayan.

Book tickets for Tuesday 26 July

Tim Peake
Science Ceilidh

The science of good sleep for families 

Professor Russell Foster discusses how the brain goes into sleep mode via circadian rhythms and answers your questions on what happens when sleep is disrupted  and what you can do to improve the quality of your sleep.

Book tickets for Wednesday 27 July

Science Ceilidh

The physics of climate change

Joanna Haigh CBE FRS - Professor of Atmospheric Physics - explains the integral role of physics in climate science and how its use has transformed our ability to model and predict climate change.

Book tickets for Thursday 28 July

What causes psychosis? 

Dr James Kirkbride explores how our external environment affects the risk of experiencing a psychotic episode.

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Science Ceilidh
Science Ceilidh

Galaxies and dark matter 

Journey into the complexities of deep space as Professor Carlos Frenk from the University of Durham delves into the concept of dark matter and how it can help us to build a better model of the universe.

Book tickets for Thursday 28 July