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Meristematic is the Summer Science Exhibition digital art show, bringing together digital and sculptural artworks that explore formation and structure in plants.

Simple sets of rules help shape the complex and beautiful forms of the natural world – from lichens, mosses and coral reefs to the complex architecture of flowers.

The works of Anders Hoff, Andy Lomas and Tamsin van Essen all start with a simple rulebook – either in the form of an algorithm or the properties of clay – before being allowed to grow and develop in a way that is uncontrolled by the artist and whose eventual form is entirely unpredictable.

The works of Macoto Murayama and Mary Jane Vaughn present floral structures as a series of ordered and recurrent shapes, whose properties can be quantified and whose structures can be seen as converging throughout the natural world.

Viewed together, these pieces demonstrate the delicate balance between chaos and order we see in flowers, plants and fungi.

Attending the event

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