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Gravity Fields Festival 2016

Public event


Woolsthorpe Manor House, Grantham NG33 5NR


Gravity Fields Festival 2016

Join the Royal Society at Gravity Fields festival, Grantham where we will be bringing some of the biggest and brightest stars from the Royal Society's research fellowship, the best writers from the Royal Society Science Book Prize and President of the Royal Society Sir Venki Ramakrishnan.

Follow the links to find out more about each event and book your tickets.

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Gravity Fields Festival 2016

Join us at Gravity Fields festival, with a host of talks, panels and discussions.

Alex Through the Looking Glass

Alex through the looking glass 

From triangles, rotations and power laws, to fractals, cones and curves, bestselling author Alex Bellos invites you on a journey of mathematical discovery with his signature wit, engaging stories and limitless enthusiasm.

Book tickets for Wednesday 21 September

Einstein's universe 

Professor Brian Foster FRS of Oxford University and violinist Jack Liebeck collaborate to highlight Einstein's science and his love of the violin.

Book tickets for Wednesday 21 September

Professor Brian Foster OBE FRS
Life's Greatest Secret

Life's greatest secret 

Professor Matthew Cobb explains the story of the race to discover the genetic code, culminating in Watson and Crick's hypothesis that the structure of DNA contains a genetic code.

Book tickets for Thursday 22 September

The next big thing 

Meet three Royal Society research fellows who talk to us about the future of their respective fields, including animal behavioural psychologist Dr Lauren Guillette, astrophysicist Dr Meghan Gray and photochemist Dr Libby Gibson.

Book tickets for Friday 23 July

Tim Peake
The Man Who Couldn't Stop

The man who couldn't stop 

In this captivating fusion of science, history and personal memoir, writer David Adam explores the weird thoughts that exist within every mind, and how they drive millions of us towards obsessions and compulsions.

Book tickets for Friday 23 September

Antibiotics and the cell's protein factory 

Sir Venki Ramakrishnan talks about his groundbreaking work visualising the ribosome in atomic detail, helping us to understand how it works while simultaneously giving us an insight into how antibiotics function.

Book tickets for Friday 23 September

Venki Ramakrishnan
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