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Dr France Córdova, Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and former NASA Chief Scientist, is being hosted by the Royal Society to talk about the National Science Foundation's "Ten Big Ideas" and the opportunities and challenges that are facing scientists globally. She will be introduced by Dr Julie Maxton, the Executive Director of the Society. Dr Córdova's talk will be followed by a Q&A session. 

The NSF recently identified "Ten Big Ideas" that will ensure future generations continue to reap the benefits of fundamental science and engineering research and the transformative discoveries that research invites. The Ideas capitalise on what NSF does best: catalyzing interest and investment in fundamental research and encouraging robust collaborations between industry, private foundations, government agencies, scientific academies and societies, and universities and other educational institutions. Supporting these Ten Big Ideas will push forward the frontiers of scientific research and provide innovative approaches for solving the world's most pressing problems and leading to unimaginable new discoveries. 

The National Science Foundation is an independent US government agency dedicated to supporting basic research and education in all fields of science and engineering. Since it was founded nearly seven decades ago, NSF has played a critical role in establishing US leadership in science and engineering, creating innovations that help drive the world's economy and educating the next generation of scientists and engineers. 

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