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Brian Cox presents the second in the Science Matters series, discussing the future of food as our global population grows.


Pitch your questions and get answers on the GM issues that matter to you. Ensuring everyone has enough to eat is one of this century’s global challenges. 

As the global population grows, consumption patterns change and the impacts of climate change and growing scarcity of water and land put pressure on our ability to grow enough food. What steps can we take with modifying crops and species to secure the future of our food?

Join Professor Brian Cox, the Royal Society Professor of Public Engagement, as he brings together experts on GM food to discuss key issues for the future of our planet. Panelists will include:

Science Matters

The Royal Society’s ‘Science Matters’ series will give the public access to scientists who are experts on the science and technology issues with the greatest global impact. You'll be able to pitch the question that matters to you the most, to help direct the experts' discussion.