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Summer Science Exhibition 2016 | Monday 4 July - Sunday 10 July | London

Surgical robot with machine learnt 3D imaging

Hands-on at the exhibit

  • Try out the surgical robot to perform cuts and stitches on fruit, and enter a competition to stack the maximum number of polo mints onto chopsticks using the robot. 
  • Use a hygienic hands-free screen to view 3D images, just as a surgeon does during an operation.

Find out more

Before complex operations, surgeons prepare by conjuring a mental 3D picture of the patient’s internal organs, based on flat images from CT and MRI scans. Our exhibit showcases how we’re pushing the boundaries of surgery by getting rid of the guesswork; creating 3D models from these images, and combining them with the dexterity of surgical robots.

Nearly all of us will have at least one surgical procedure during our lifetime. CT and MRI scans are invaluable tools that assist in the planning of major surgery. However they show multiple 2D sections of the body instead of a life-like model. In complex cancer surgeries, accurate 3D information about blood vessels and tumour location is crucial. We’re developing software to convert conventional imaging to 3D for pre-operative planning. We use a surgical robot - guided by a human surgeon – to carry out complex and intricate operations through a small incision, all the time informed by the accurate 3D model.

Presented by: Royal Free Hospital, University College London, University of Oxford, University College Hospital, Intuitive Surgical Inc., InnersightLabs

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