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The Dinosaur Isle Museum celebrated the life and work of Revd William Fox, a Victorian dinosaur hunter who discovered more species of dinosaurs than any other Englishman. This special launch weekend uncovered the work of Fox and explored recent advances in the study of palaeontology. 

The Inaugural Fox Lecture

A free talk with Dr Martin Munt and Prof. Paul Barrett. The lecture explored the scientific legacy of Fox and how his discoveries relate to modern palaeontology.

The Fox Trail Walk

This special guided walk brought Fox’s fossil hunting to life, taking guests on the trail of his many dinosaur discoveries. With practical advice on how to look for fossils, the walk was led by Dr Martin Hunt and Paul Bradley.

Local Heroes

This event was held as part of the Local Heroes grant scheme, designed to engage audiences with the influence of science and scientists on local communities across the UK. From Orkney to Plymouth, 15 museums and galleries will reveal stories of scientific brilliance from across the ages. 

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