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Join our experts at the Science Museum Lates in their bid to discover the next big thing.


The Royal Society prepared for launch, teaming up with the Science Museum, BBC, Wellcome and Open University to bring you the best in UK space research.

The Royal Society will be hosted a series of talks and activities across the Science Museum to showcase the best exhibits from our Summer Science Exhibition alongside the Royal Society's leading planetary scientists, cosmologists and astrophysicists.

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Galaxy makers

Find out how to build a galaxy using a few simple ingredients, a glug of black holes, a sprinkling of stars and a dash of dark matter, all mixed together by gravity.  

Neutrino catchers

Cosmic neutrinos fly through space and pass through Earth any given square kilometre of earth just once per century. Find out about Antarctic expeditions to find these rare particles

Listening to Einstein’s Universe

One hundred years ago, Einstein predicted the existence of gravity waves. Meet members of the LIGO collaborative research group and the incredible devices they used to prove him right.

Amazing masers

Meet lasers older sibling the maser – beams of concentrated microwaves that can transmit data across astronomical distances without signal loss. Discover how masers could be used to help communications with Mars.

Visualising matter 

Envision the corners of the universe that have never been seen before using the EAGLE galaxy simulator – now featuring in the latest Terrence Malick IMAX film ‘Voyage of Time’.

How to build a galaxy with Professor Frenk

Professor Carlos Frenk CBE FRS builds galaxies for a living. Using supercomputers he delves into the depths of the cosmos to track how tiny wrinkles in the early universe evolved into the complexity of the universe we see around us.

About Science Museum Lates

The Science Museum’s Lates is a free night for adults that takes place on the last Wednesday of the month.

Lates have a different theme each month, spanning issues as diverse as alcohol, climate change, sex and war – this month the Royal Society is collaborating with the BBC, Science Museum, Wellcome and the Open University as part of the Tomorrow's World project.

For more information please visit the Science Museum website.

For all enquiries please contact the public engagement team.