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Throughout 2018, we've brought you the world's leading thinkers on Artificial Intelligence.

Now we're calling on you to pose your questions to our panel of experts, to find out what challenges and opportunities you think AI will present us with in the next decade. Will AI affect our jobs? What risks might AI pose on society? Can we train AIs to make moral and ethical decisions?

The panel

The panel will be hosted by Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE FRS, physicist, author and broadcaster.

  • Dame Wendy Hall DBE FRS FREng, Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton and Executive Director of the Web Science Institute
  • Professor Neil Lawrence, Chair in Neuro and Computer Science University of Sheffield and machine learning researcher at Amazon
  • Dr Ewa Luger, Chancellor's Fellow in Digital Arts and Humanities studying AI Ethics

Supported by DeepMind.

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