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Soil: our buried treasure

Hands-on at the exhibit

  • Go on a soil safari, using microscopes to see it teeming with life
  • Trigger a deluge, see the impact flooding can have on our soil
  • Measure soil pH and understand how this affects plant growth

Find out more

Protecting a vital resource that is thousands of years in the making.

Soil is far more than just dirt. It is critical to our survival: it grows our food, cleans our water, protects against floods and helps regulate the climate. Yet we still have a lot to learn about soil and how to protect it. Come and get hands on at this exhibit, as we reveal the buried treasure under our feet.

Soil is an incredible, vital, and undervalued resource. It takes up to 400 years to make one centimetre’s depth of soil. One teaspoon of soil contains more living things than people on Earth. However, it’s also vulnerable, with huge quantities being lost through erosion and being washed away by a single flooding event.  Researching how soil ‘works’ is at the heart of the Soil Security Programme, showing us how to better support and manage our soils for the future. 

Find out about the What’s in my Pot tool, and discover what lies beneath your feet with the BGS mySoil app.

Presented by: the Soil Security Programme, University of Reading and NERC.

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