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Bakerian Lecture 2019 given by Professor Edward Hinds FRS


Modern research instruments can measure spectacularly small changes of length, time or energy. They use the quantum behaviour of atoms and light to achieve their extraordinary sensitivity. These devices help scientists to learn more about the very smallest of things – the shape of the electron – and also the very large – how the universe began.

Now, the same types of instruments are starting to benefit society more generally. This quantum technology promises new capabilities ranging across IT security, navigation, medical imaging, mineral detection, simulation of complex systems, and many other topics.

In this lecture Professor Edward Hinds explained what quantum behaviour is, and how these research instruments work. Professor Hinds discussed the current state of quantum science, and the prospects for transforming society through the emergence of quantum technology.

Attending the event

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The award

The Bakerian Lecture series began in 1775 and is the premier lecture in the physical sciences.

Professor Edward Hinds FRS was awarded the 2019 Bakerian Lecture for his achievements in controlling individual atoms, molecules and photons. With these, he has advanced our understanding of fundamental phenomena such as Casimir forces, dark energy, and supersymmetry.

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