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Crossroads between transposons and gene regulation

Discussion meeting


The Royal Society, London, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG


Scientific discussion meeting organised by Dr Miguel Branco and Dr Edward Chuong.

A portion of a mosaic made of different colors of maize (corn) kernels depicting DNA. Credit: Jason Wallace CC-BY-SA-4.0

Genome evolution is inextricably linked to the evolution of transposons that reside within. It is increasingly recognised that these selfish mobile elements play major roles in genome regulation. This meeting will discuss how transposons have shaped host gene regulation, both through their evolutionary conflict with the host, and through the dispersal of new coding and non-coding sequences with strong regulatory potential.

More information on the speakers and programme will be available soon. Speaker abstracts will be available closer to the meeting. Recorded audio of the presentations will be available on this page after the meeting has taken place. Meeting papers will be published in a future issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

Poster session

There will be a poster session at 17:00 on Monday 13 May. If you would like to apply to present a poster please submit your proposed title, abstract (not more than 200 words and in third person), author list, name of the proposed presenter and institution to the Scientific Programmes team no later than Friday 29 March 2019. Please note that places are limited and posters are selected at the scientific organisers' discretion. Poster abstracts will only be considered if the presenter is registered to attend the meeting.

Attending this event

This meeting is intended for researchers in relevant fields.

  • Free to attend
  • Limited places, advance registration is essential
  • An optional lunch can be purchased during registration

Enquiries: contact the Scientific Programmes team

Event organisers

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Schedule of talks

13 May

Session 1 09:00-12:30

Transcriptional control of transposons

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Dr Miguel Branco, Queen Mary University of London, UK

09:05-09:40 Transposon repression or how to hit a moving target

Dr Déborah Bourc’his, Institut Curie, France

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09:40-10:15 Transposable element control during germline development in Drosophila

Dr Felipe Karam Teixeira, University of Cambridge, UK

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10:15-10:45 Tea/Coffee

10:45-11:20 Impact of transposable elements on human gene regulation

Professor Joanna Wysocka, Stanford University, USA

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11:20-11:55 Transposable elements and early mammalian development

Dr Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla, Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells, Helmholtz Centre Munich, Germany

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11:55-12:30 Title TBC



Session 2 13:50-18:15

Challenges in transposon bioinformatics

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Dr Vasavi Sundaram, EMBL-EBI, UK

13:50-14:25 Title TBC

14:25-15:00 TEtoolkit: Statistically rigorous software for transposon genomics analysis

Dr Molly Hammell, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA

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15:00-15:30 Tea

15:30-16:05 The influence of transposable element epigenetic regulation on gene expression in Arabidopsis. What can we learn from plants?

Dr R Keith Slotkin, Danforth Plant Science Center & the University of Missouri, USA

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16:05-16:40 Functional impact of transposable elements at genomic scale. A case study of 3,000 rice genomes

Professor Olivier Panaud, University of Perpignan, France

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16:40-18:00 Poster session

14 May

Session 3 09:00-12:25

Co-option of transposon regulatory activity

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Dr Edward B Chuong, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

09:00-09:35 Understanding the potential of TEs to regulate gene expression in mammals

Dr Vasavi Sundaram, EMBL-EBI, UK

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09:35-10:10 Title TBC

10:10-10:40 Coffee

10:40-11:15 Retroelements, their polydactyl controllers and the specificity of human biology

Professor Didier Trono, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

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11:15-11:50 Transposable elements and the regulation of embryonic cell identity

Dr Michelle Percharde, Imperial College and MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, UK

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Session 4 13:35-17:00

Transposons as a source of regulatory variation

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13:35-14:10 Insertion variants at disease risk loci

Dr Kathleen Burns, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

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14:10-14:45 Title TBC

14:45-15:15 Tea

15:15-15:50 The regulation of stress-response genes is shaped by transposable element-induced mutations

Dr Josefa González, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, Spain

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15:50-16:25 Transposable elements and alternative splicing in cancer

Dr King Jordan, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

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16:25-17:00 Birth of circadian enhancers from transposable elements

Professor Cédric Feschotte, Cornell University, USA

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Crossroads between transposons and gene regulation

13 - 14 May 2019

The Royal Society, London 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG UK
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