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The dream that people will be served by robots that share their personal spaces is not too distant.

Just like humans, autonomous robots have the ability to decide on the actions they will take based on the situation they are in. 

But what would it take to replace specialised robots such as automatic vacuum cleaners with autonomous, multi-purpose robots in people's homes? They need to be equipped with 'intuitive physics' that will allow them to navigate our shared spaces and to manipulate objects.

Dr Kartic Subr from the University of Edinburgh teaches robots how to handle complex materials using machine learning techniques, enabling them to move through, touch and interact with our daily environment. 

Join Dr Subr to find out whether robots can build intuition through interactive experiences. 

Attending this event

This Café Scientifique is an open scientific discussion. The Cafés are dialogue-based and allow time for discussion between and amongst the audience and the speaker, where you’re encouraged not just to bring an enquiring mind, but your own thoughts and questions.

This event is part of the Royal Society's year-long partnership with the Barbican's Life Rewired season.