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Epidemiologists look for patterns of diseases in order to make informed, and important, predictions about the health of a population. These patterns come in the form of data and in an age where scientists have access to more data than ever before, how do they extract meaning from the noise?

Dr Thomas House from the University of Manchester is a mathematical scientist who is exploring new methods to learn from our data and improve our health. Dr House has looked at the severity of Ebola outbreaks, the effects of friendship on mood in adolescent social networks, and the safety of scabies treatments.

Attending this event

This Café Scientifique is an open scientific discussion. The Cafés are dialogue-based and allow time for discussion between and amongst the audience and the speaker, where you’re encouraged not just to bring an enquiring mind, but your own thoughts and questions.

This event is part of the Royal Society's year-long partnership with the Barbican's Life Rewired season.