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A series of events, workshops and talks that consider whether an understanding of our genes could lead to a better understanding of mental illness.

Created by artist Eleanor Minney and Professor Liz Tunbridge in collaboration with patients from the National Psychosis Unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, the project will allow visitors to explore perspectives on the mind, brain, subjective experience and the genetic and biological components of psychiatric illness. 

Dissecting the space is Segment of Aself, Minney’s textile work which features hundreds of hand drawn ciphers alluding to a person’s holistic sense of self (including relationships, spirituality, illness and more) together with row upon row of genetic markers, only three of which relate to psychotic illness. Minney untangles the fragile threads of the human mind through delicate explorations into what creates a sense of self, and the relationship to psychiatric conditions.

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Switching Perceptions

Brain cell cut and paste

Saturday 19 October 2019

Join Liz Tunbridge and Eleanor Minney for a combined science experiment and art workshop.

Switching Perceptions

Building brains from genes: Café Scientifique

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Come and join Associate Professors Liz Tunbridge and Esther Becker for a discussion of the many ways that genes influence brain function, and how understanding these links is relevant to health and disease.

Switching Perceptions

Café Scientifique

Monday 14 October 2019

Artist Eleanor Minney and Neuroscientist Liz Tunbridge discuss the research and artistic rationale driving the Switching Perceptions project. They will explore the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration in exploring ideas around genetics, mental health and the self and what their work together has taught them about science and art.

Switching Perceptions

Family Workshop

Sunday 13 October 2019

What are your brain cells talking about? Join us for a conversation on the theme of neuron communication, neurodiversity and collaboration and draw your own version of neuron communication.

Switching Perceptions

Symbols of the self

Thursday 17 October 2019

Join Eleanor Minney for a short talk about the exhibition followed by a drawing and textile workshop exploring symbols of the self. Take the opportunity to question the artist about her process and themes, and develop your own.

Switching Perceptions

Think Tank live: An exploration in collective consciousness

Sunday 20 October 2019

Join Eleanor Minney, Liz Tunbridge and artist academic researcher Michaela Ross from the Bethlem for a guided Think Tank – a method of collective consciousness developed as part of the Switching Perceptions project to explore some of the central questions and provocations from the exhibition.