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This was your chance to quiz our collection of space experts in this live Q&A, part of the Royal Society's Summer Science Online exhibition 2020.


Part of Summer Science Online  - the Royal Society's free digital programme of talks, quizzes and videos celebrating cutting-edge and historic science.

What are black holes? Are we alone in the Universe? How do rockets work? Our live Q&A was your chance to quiz our collection of space experts as we were joined by exhibitors from previous years to help us explore the answers to some of the biggest questions about the Universe.

Questions were collected on the day using #RSAskTheSpaceXperts.

Exhibit groups joining us from previous years included:

From 2pm, A message from afar:

  • Planets beyond our solar system;
  • Humanity within a vast Universe;
  • Extra-terrestrial intelligence; and more.

From 2.40pm, Galaxy makers – how do you build a galaxy?:

  • What galaxies are made of;
  • How galaxies are formed;
  • Supermassive black holes; and more.

And Gaia: one billion stars in 3D:

  • The Milky Way;
  • Stars and planets;
  • Astronomy; and more.

From 3.20pm, Living on the Moon:

  • Finding water and living on the Moon;
  • Modern lunar space missions;
  • How the Moon was formed; and more.