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Exhibit your work at the Summer Science Exhibition 2021

Summer Science Exhibition

We learnt a lot from every single visitor and for the first time we had the chance to be on the other side of the bench and see how much people appreciate what we do. It was extremely heart-warming. Through the SSE we sparked people's curiosity, encouraged critical thinking, and ignited a passion for scientific exploration in the minds of our visitors.

Exhibitor, 2023

I would highly recommend taking part in Summer Science, for the exposure it has given our research, and for the fantastic experience of connecting with visitors and getting direct feedback.

Exhibitor, 2019

One of the most enjoyable and satisfying outreach opportunities that I have ever taken part in. The range of background of visitor is so wide that almost each encounter brings up something new.

Exhibitor, 2019

It was a fantastic experience both in terms of the week itself but also for the skills portfolio that we developed as a team. As team leader I would now feel confident taking on big projects and in my own abilities to lead and direct.

Exhibitor, 2019

A unique opportunity to showcase your research at the UK’s most prestigious science exhibition. Applications to exhibit at the 2024 Summer Science Exhibition are now open.

If you are interested in attending an online session with the public engagement team on 5 September 2023 (12:00-13:00), please register here.

For all enquires, please email us.

Find out more about exhibiting at the Summer Science Exhibition.

The call for proposals will close at 3pm on Monday 2 October 2023.

Submit a proposal

Each year over 13,000 members of the public, including 2,000 school students, visit the Summer Science Exhibition. Many more are reached through coverage on TV, in the media and online.

The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to raise the profile of your research and institution with key influencers, including potential funders, government and the public. We welcome proposals from researchers in academia, industry and in between, as long as the project lead is UK-based.  

Learn more about the process and benefits of exhibiting at the Summer Science Exhibition.

Writing your proposal

Selection criteria

The Summer Science Exhibition Committee will invite 21 research exhibits to take part in the 2021 Summer Science Exhibition. 

They aim to select exhibits that cover a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. Three groups will also be selected as reserves. 

Selection will be based on:

  1. Quality and cutting edge science
    The most important component: the science on show should be novel, robust and ground-breaking
  2. Interactive and hands-on elements
    Wherever possible, exhibits should contain elements that visitors can touch and try out to understand the scientific concepts behind the research
  3. Interest to a broad audience
    The most successful exhibits are those that are relevant to visitors or their experiences

Learn more about exhibiting at the Summer Science Exhibition or read our guide for industry exhibitors

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If you have any questions, please email us on or call on +44 20 7451 2582

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