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The David Attenborough award lecture delivered by Professor Alice Roberts.


Join author, academic and broadcaster Professor Alice Roberts as she journeys through time to uncover the lost stories of our prehistoric ancestors - written in stone, pottery, metal and bone.

Burials are like time capsules - each one, a physical biography, written into the skeleton. Objects placed into graves provide us with some of our clearest evidence of ancient cultures - and the science of genomics is now revolutionising our perception of the deep past. From the colonisation of the globe in the Palaeolithic to the prehistory of Britain, Alice reflects on what archaeological discoveries tell us about our ancestors and the human experience that binds us all together. 

Professor Alice Roberts was the first recipient of the Royal Society’s David Attenborough award for Public Engagement in 2020. An anatomist and biological anthropologist, Alice made her television debut in the UK in 2001 and since then has written and presented a number of popular TV programmes and series. Alice has been the Professor of Public Engagement at the University of Birmingham since 2012. She has also written eleven books ranging across anatomy, evolutionary anthropology and archaeology.

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