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Meet two scientists working on the cusp of stem cell research.


This event is part of a series of lightning lectures for the Royal Society’s 2021 Summer Science digital showcase.

In a special double feature, meet two researchers working at the cusp of stem cell research. 

Making stem cells move 

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a disease that affects the nervous system, resulting in damage and degradation to the nerve and brain cells which causes loss of muscle control.  

Meet Peter Harley, who is developing a method to grow nerves and muscles that function together in the lab as they would in the body to try to find new treatments for this condition.  

Stem cells and wound healing 

All of us will get a scar during our lifetime, but how do they form?  

Dr Christina Philippeos will talk all about how stem cells are involved in the crucial process of wound healing, and whether there are ways to use them to treat scarring. 


  • Peter Harley, King's College London 
  • Dr Christina Philippeos, King's College London

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