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Mapping the human body

Suitable age range: 7-14yrs

Curriculum topics: Animals including humans, structure and function of living organisms, cells and organisation, genetics and evolution.

Specific workshop information

Planning and preparation

Equipment required: 

Session details

  • 20-minute talk by Dr Clarisse Ganier on different cell types and their functions, including stem cells and how researchers are trying to map all the cells of the human body 
  • 10-minute interactive activity in which students have to “pin the cell type on the body”. Classrooms should have printed body template stuck up on the wall and 6 cue cards printed out with blue tac on the back ready to stick onto the body template.
  • Clarisse will show a cell type (an illustration and a microscope image) on screen and will describe it’s features. The class will then have to decide which cell type it is and stick in on the relevant body part. This is repeated for all 6 cell types.
  • At the end Clarisse will go through the cell types confirming what they are and their correct location and answer any questions. 
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