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Applying for funding

You can apply for funding from Research Councils, your University, industrial partners and numerous other organisations which support public engagement with science and engineering. 

Top tips

  • Start early 
  • Be clear about the benefits funding will bring (to funder and funder's audience)
  • If an organisation is not able to contribute financially to your exhibit, they may be able to lend other resources or expertise
  • Prepare a budget breakdown for your exhibit delivery
  • Build longevity/re-use into your funding proposal
  • Make a point of our thorough evaluation process

Sponsorship guidelines

The Royal Society is very happy for sponsors to have appropriate branding on the stand they are contributing towards, however, please note that product placement on exhibition stands is not acceptable. 

Help from the Royal Society

Exhibitor Support Fund

The Royal Society has a small fund to assist exhibitors who are unable to obtain institutional or other support for exceptional costs. Those wishing to apply to this fund should email the below information to by Friday 14 February. We cannot guarantee to accommodate all requests if there are large numbers of applications. 

  • A breakdown of the amount requested from the Royal Society and what this will be used for 
  • A breakdown of the full costs of exhibiting (including travel and accommodation) 
  • A breakdown of all funding obtained or requests outstanding 
  • A list of other possible funding bodies not yet approached

Budget breakdown

Exhibitors can spend anything between 5k to over 25k on their exhibits, but spending more doesn't necessarily mean you will have a better exhibit. Below is a summary from previous exhibitors regarding their costs. Please be aware this is not what we expect you to spend, rather a guide for the breakdown of certain costs.

Total spend (2019)

57% spent £25k or above 
14% spent £20k - £25k 
5% spent £15k - £20k 
10% spend £10k - £15k
14% spend under £10k 

Rough budget breakdown (%)

40% Exhibit Design and Build 
25% Displays and interactives 
25% Accommodation, travel and subsistence 
10% Freebies, T-shirts, insurance 

Example costs from previous exhibitors

Example 1

Exhibit stand 
 Equipment for demonstration
 iPad app
 Video (University)
 Video (external) 
 Sweets for handing out
 Stickers for handing out
 Plasma rockets sign
 Static sticks
 Total  £17,080

Example 2

 Exhibit stand 
 Give aways, leaflets, supporting information