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Planning your exhibit

Exhibit space dimensions

All exhibit spaces fit one of the below dimensions.

  • 2m deep x 4m long 
  • 3m deep x 3m long 

All exhibits must not exceed 3m in height.


If you have a preference as to which you would like, mention it in Form B due Friday 16 Feburary, providing as much detail as possible on your requirements and any dimensions you have. Your assigned exhibit dimensions will be confirmed by Wednesday 23 February.

Spaces will be marked out prior to set up of the Exhibition. Any equipment located outside of your allocated area will be removed

Please refer to the exhibition floor plan.


There is no storage space at the Royal Society. Please consider how you can incorporate necessary storage space in the design of your stand. No packaging materials or boxes should be left on display, or stored behind exhibits, as this poses a Health and Safety risk. If you cannot store packaging or equipment on your stand, please arrange to take it off site.

What the Royal Society can provide

Power supply

Please specify your exhibits power requirements in Form C.

  • 13-Amp power points as standard 
  • 3 phase supply available on request
  • Extension leads available on request
  • Please specific approximate total power that your exhibit will use.  

Internet and IT resources

  • WiFi access is available for all exhibits as standard.
  • The Royal Society is part of the JANET network and requires your computers to support WPA 
  • Cable/Wired internet access available on request, please specify your requirements in Form C 
  • Limited IT support will be available onsite during the Exhibition from Monday - Friday, during office hours 

Poster boards

We recommend that your exhibit is built, however if you require posterboards, please specify so in Form C.

  • 1m wide x 2m high
  • Fabric surface - usual colour is grey. Posters attached by hook-side velcro 
  • One attachable down-light available per two boards 
  • Maximum 6 boards per exhibit 


Again we recommend that table top space is incorporated, or that you bring tables with you, however if you require these, please specify so in Form C.

  • Small: 0.8m x 0.8m or Large: 0.8m x 1.2m  
  • All tables are 0.72m high 
  • Cloths provided - usual colour is dark grey 

Exhibit safety


It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to insure their exhibits and personal belongings against theft and third party risks. The Society can take no responsibility for any loss of, or damage to, items left on the premises before, during or after the Exhibition. This includes all personal effects and anything on the exhibits themselves. The Royal Society is covered for public liability but is not responsible for Third Party risks so we recommend you check with your organisations in this respect.

Exhibitors’ institutions should have Public Liability cover in place to a limit of £2,000,000.

Risk Assessments

A signed risk assessment must be completed by each exhibit and submitted by 30 April. Please use this Risk Assessment Form to complete your Risk Assessment. 

  • Please assess risks to both the exhibitors and the public 
  • Include risks for set-up, exhibition, and pack down stages
  • Two separate individuals must sign the risk assessment. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.

Health and Safety

  • Electrical equipment must have an up to date PAT test, with the sticker on the piece of equipment matching the PAT certificate.   
  • All chemicals require COSHH certificates, including details of reactions, first aid requirements and cleaning considerations. 
  • Allergies and ailments. Please put controls in place, inform visitors of the risks, and have alternative materials available where possible. 
  • Latex (Glove, balloons) 
  • Needle stick injuries 
  • Cement 
  • Biological agents 
  • Asthma 
  • Skin Diseases 

Live animals

Exhibits may include live animals, subject to Home Office regulations. If you are planning to include live animals in your exhibit please discuss this with the Exhibition team, as soon as possible. You will usually be required to take live animals off site with you when the Exhibition is closed.

Set up and break down

Set up and breakdown can only happen at the times specified in our deadlines, and MUST be completed within those times. Expected delivery times for your exhibit set up should be noted on Form D.

You will be allocated collection times by the exhibition team on a first come, first served basis once you have dismantled your exhibit. 

Please make sure you have sufficient equipment and people to unload/pack up your exhibit, as Royal Society Staff will not be available to help you. A limited number of trolleys and ladders may be available, but we recommend you bring your own wherever possible. There may be unavoidable queues on delivery and collection, please be patient.


To make it easier to bring exhibit equipment to your assigned space, please pay attention to the following dimensions. They show the narrow points which will affect your delivery, and there is no other route into the building.

If your equipment does not fit through the below spaces, you will not be able to include it in your exhibit.

Front gates

3.2m and 3.05m wide. You may be required to unload through either of these. 


Forecourt at the widest points: 9m x 21.7m
The gradient runs uphill towards the building on a slight slope. 

Front entrance of the building

There are steps into front door of the building. We will have ramps set up to cover these, however, if your equipment is particularly heaving or large and you plan to use our ramps rather than your own, please contact us to check that this option will work prior to the exhibition. 

Door: 2.4m x 1.2m. 

Lift to first floor

Door: 0.9m x 2m 
Lift: 1.6m deep, 1.2m wide 
Weight capacity: 800kg

During the Exhibition

Staffing your stand

  • A minimum of two exhibitors must staff the stand at any one time, however we would recommend 4-5 exhibitors are present at all times. Exhibitors should be on site 30 minutes prior to opening times.
  • At the weekends and late public openings you may want to increase this to at least 6. 
  • We recommend no team member works the full exhibition week without at least a morning/afternoon off. The week is long and busy and it's important exhibitors are adequately rested to best engage with the public.
  • Exhibit teams in previous years have ranged from 15 - 60 people, we recommend you recruit as many volunteers as possible.

Exhibitors green room

There will be an Exhibitors Room in the Mercer Room at the Royal Society where you can go for your breaks if desired during Exhibition opening times. 

  • The Exhibitors Room is not secure. We recommend you do not leave personal belongings there 
  • WiFi is available
  • Tea, coffee and water facilitates provided 
  • It is not possible to use this room for storage during the Exhibition 


A number of London colleges and universities make their halls of residence available during the summer. These are very reasonable prices and you can often get extra discounts for group bookings. Make sure you book your accommodation in plenty of time, as they get booked up early.

London South Bank University 
University of East London 
University of Greenwich 
Imperial College London 
London School of Economics 
Kings College London 
University of Westminster 
City University London 
Queen Mary's, University of London 
University College London 
You may also wish to try the Youth Hostel Association or International Student House.

Accommodation recommended by previous exhibitors:
The Ship Inn, Kennington 


There is very limited pay and display parking available near to the Royal Society, with no parking available within the Royal Society forecourt. We recommend that if you plan to keep your vehicles all week, you look for accommodation with parking included.

A limited number of parking bays will be available for set up and break down. These will be offered on a first come first served basis. On-street parking outside the Royal Society is pay-and-display and is expensive, though free on Sundays.

Westminster Council has more information about parking in the local area. Do also keep the congestion charge in mind. 


During the Exhibition opening times, tea, coffee and water will be provided in the Exhibitors green room. Exhibitors are welcome to consume their own food and drink in this space.  

A small subsistence grant of £400 will be provided to the lead exhibitor to cater for their team lunches and other meals.

There will be a Cafe on site during the Exhibition, located in the Marquee. Exhibitors are welcome to use this facility or go elsewhere to buy their lunch.  

Exhibitors staffing their stands during the Soirees are invited to join the guests for the buffet supper provided.

Exhibitors are asked not to eat or drink whilst on duty at their exhibits.

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