Society of Chemical Industry to fund three PhD studentships

The Society of Chemical Industry have agreed to fund three Industry Fellowship PhD studentships worth £195,000 over a three year period.

The scheme will provide funding to applicants working within the remit of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI). This covers the application of chemistry and related sciences in key societal sectors: Food & Bio-renewables, Water, Waste & Environment, Energy, Materials & Manufacturing, Health & Wellbeing, focusing on cross-cutting themes such as Innovation, Sustainability, Wealth Creation, Business/Industry Transformation and Efficiency.

The studentships will be referred to as The Royal Society and Society of Chemical Industry studentship or The Andrew Studentships, in memory of Dr Sydney Andrew, an industrial chemical engineer who left a legacy to SCI to support neglected science.

Applications for studentships opened in January 2013. Further information can be found under the Industry Fellowship grant scheme.

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