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Health and wellbeing

Over the past century unprecedented gains in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease have allowed people to live longer and healthier lives.

But our health and well-being is now being challenged by the emergence of diseases that are resistant to antimicrobial drugs and new infectious diseases that spread quickly in our increasingly connected world. As life expectancy increases, diseases associated with ageing are becoming a growing problem.

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Our analysis and advice

  • Drug Resistance in Infectious Agents

    Royal Society statement with other G8 member states and science academies as an input to the G8 summit in Northern Ireland in June 2013.

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  • Statement on Ebola

    The Royal Society called on the UK Government to take action on antibiotic resistance, tropical diseases, and the future of the ocean ahead of the G7 summit.

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  • Sackler Forum: Trends in synthetic biology and gain of function and regulatory implications

    A summary of a meeting on synthetic biology and gain of function, held in partnership with the US National Academy of Sciences.

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  • Recent developments in personalised medicine

    This short report summarises progress that has been made in some aspects of the field of personalised medicine since the publication in 2005 of the Society’s report Personalised Medicine: Hopes and Realities. 

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  • Human enhancement and the future of work

    This joint project explored potential enhancements arising from advances in science and engineering that are likely to impact on the future of work.

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  • Neuroscience, society and policy

    A report in the Brain Waves project which reviews the state of development of neuroscience and neurotechnology and discuss the translation of this knowledge into useful applications.

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  • People and the Planet

    This project was a major study investigating the links between global population and consumption, and the implications for a finite planet.

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Fellows working in this area

Dame Sally Davies

Dame Sally Davies is Chief Medical Officer for England — the first woman to hold this post — and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Health. 

As a clinician with a background in research, she strives to achieve both a patient-focused and evidence-based approach to health-related policy making.

Sir Colin Blakemore

Colin Blakemore is a neuroscientist who has contributed to our understanding of vision, and how the brain develops and adapts.

He was Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council from 2003 to 2007. His awards include the Royal Society's Ferrier Lecture and Michael Faraday Prize, and he chaired the Society's Brain Waves project in 2012.