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Professor Adele Marston and Professor Paul Palmer

Adele's research

The overall goal of research in my group is to understand how the genome is accurately transmitted from one generation to the next. We study the process of chromosome segregation during meiosis, the cell division that generates eggs and sperm.

Paul's research

My research aims to understand what drives observed variations of atmospheric trace gases and aerosol particles relevant to climate. We achieve this using data, models, and theory.

Our journey

After meeting in Oxford we both found postdoc positions in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our daughter was born in the last year we were there. Finding two suitable group leader positions in the same city back in the UK was not easy and for a short while we were working in separate cities, which was challenging with a young child. Our families live too far away to provide day to day help so we alternate working extended hours to share the responsibility of childcare. 

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