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Dr Aires Ferreira

My research

My research spans a variety of areas in condensed matter physics, ranging from mesoscopic phenomena in solids to light-matter interactions. More recently, I have been looking at the quantum transport of charge carriers in graphene and novel atomically thin materials. My general interests are on fundamental topics (e.g. how does symmetry protect the conduction of charge currents in disordered crystals) and also on applied problems related to energy harvesting and low-power computing schemes for a sustainable society.

My journey

All my life I have wanted to pursue a career in science, and I have always wished to embrace parenthood. I became a father in January 2014. Shortly after, I moved to the UK with my family to set up my own research group, which turned out to be very challenging. When I am focused on my research, I like to think that my little boy is going to be fascinated with it one day. At home it is a pleasure to share the childcare and household tasks with my partner, who is a full-time mother at the moment.

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