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Dr Al Lambourne

My research

I'm a materials engineer with a broad range of interests and experience. The common theme is 'solving problems' with the application of materials engineering, this has included work on nuclear reactors, marine propellers, gas turbine blades and coatings for coinage. My current work is investigating the materials and manufacturing technologies for the next generation of efficient electric motors and generators, which has applications for hybrid electric propulsion for future aircraft.

My journey

I have been fortunate to find a career that I find interesting, I am even more fortunate to be able to maintain a good work-life balance, starting work early and home for tea with the children every day. I work full time, but I make use of the government ‘parental leave’ scheme which provides much needed additional time off. My work-life balance is largely possible through the efforts and sacrifices of my wife, Jo, who decided not to go back to work when we had children. It means I’m able to focus on work and adapt to new challenges without worries about juggling childcare. I’m hugely proud of my family and delighted when my children point to an aeroplane in the sky and ask ‘did you make that one daddy?’ It is great to be in a career where I am contributing to cleaner technology for the world my children will inherit.

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