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Professor Anna Amtmann

My research

My group investigates the molecular mechanisms that allow plants to adapt to nutrient deficiency, salt and drought stress. Experimental techniques range from electrophysiology and biochemistry to functional genomics. Transcriptomics, metabolomics and epigenomics have played an important part in our efforts to understand adaptive mechanisms at different levels of organization. We regularly collaborate with computer scientists for software development and with engineers in the area of synthetic biology. Breakthroughs have been made in understanding how multiple nutritional signals interact to determine root system architecture, how growth is regulated at the level of chromatin, and how plants generate a molecular memory for salt priming.

My journey

My career is based on enthusiasm, determination, hard work and luck. Having twin boys was tough, but it minimized the number of maternity leaves and turned the lab into a heaven of peace... Pawel and I always had an equal share in childcare and household. Being in the same job means we fully appreciate the personal commitment that it requires. The boys hated to be always the last kids to be picked up from after-school club, but an absentminded mum became a blessing during teenage years. They had a lot of fun together, and developed a huge respect for deadlines.

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